Monday, August 8, 2011

The School Supply I Never Thought I'd Buy









This year, I will be making a visit to the school nurse to leave an EpiPen with her.  Although I am going to be discussing Bubble Boy's allergies with his teacher and making it clear that he should not ingest ANYTHING unless it is sent to school by me, we are going to do this just to be safe.  It's true that up until now, the worst of Bubble Boy's reactions to food have been hives, upset stomach or neurological tics, but it is also true that allergic reactions can suddenly get more severe without warning.  It is also true that sometimes they get less severe or disappear completely!

But for now, we are playing it safe.  My hope is that it sits there all year gathering dust.

And for anyone who is interested, this is the letter I will be hand delivering to his teacher on Thursday:

Dear Ms. Preschool Teacher, 
Bubble Boy is so excited to begin this school year with you!  I know it will be a great year.

Recently, after dealing with a number of transient tics and an outbreak of hives, Bubble Boy was diagnosed with multiple food allergies.  The allergy testing revealed that he is allergic to:


Clearly, we have had to make drastic changes to his diet!  Because many of these allergens can be a “hidden” ingredient in some foods and because there are so many to keep track of, my request is that Bubble Boy is not given access to ANY food unless it is something that I have sent in for him.  (For instance a store bought chocolate cupcake would likely contain corn, cottonseed, eggs and chocolate.)  If you can give me notice anytime there will be special treats (cupcakes sent in for a birthday or any fun learning activities that include food), I would be happy to send him in an equivalent item.  I would also be open to taking the responsibility of room mom if you think it would make things easier when planning food activities.

Thankfully, Bubble Boy has never experienced a severe life-threatening reaction to a food item.  However, we know that food allergies can get more severe with time (or sometimes they can go away altogether!).  For this reason, we have an EpiPen for Bubble Boy and will be leaving it with the school nurse in case of an emergency.

I don’t foresee any problems this year, but I do want to make sure we are on the same page.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
The Reluctant Crunchy Mom


  1. Great letter! Hoping for a great school year for your guys and mine!

  2. A boy in my son's preschool class had a number of food allergies, so his mom made up a bunch of alternative "treat" snacks that they kept in the freezer at school for him to have on those special snack days. Your set up may be different (they had a different kid bring in snack for everyone each week) but I thought that was a good idea because her son always had something available to him.


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